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    do you know if something like the GameGripper (sorry but I can-t post links) exists for our phones? In particular, I would like so much to have something like that for my Veer. It would be like a Gameboy! Maybe we could send some email to ask for that...

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    What do you think of a joypad like this one to place on the keyboard?
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    I had something like that on my Droid 2 and it seemed pretty neat but I never used it. On times when I was likely to carry something else, I was equally likely to carry the wii-mote (which could be configured to send keypresses on Android) as I was to carry a keyboard overlay.

    But on the pre where there is no such option, that would be nice. Might make for a good use of my old pre+.
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    What do you think of a joypad like this one to place on the keyboard?
    I had a controller pad that connected to my old Sony CLie that worked well with many games and emulators. Still have it althought the Clie has been gone for many years. Sony sure made some good PalmOS devices.
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