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    Hey guys, just thought I would pass along a little experience I just had in looking for a suitable case for my Touchpad.

    Let me start off by saying, this case is not *specifically* designed for the Touchpad, but the iPad 1. It also covers the left and right sides of the bezel (major complaint I've seen here) but does not impair the usability in doing so. I have no issues still swiping from the edge at any orientation.

    Anyways, I went into Walmart and saw the Griffin Elan Folio case on sale for $10 off retail, which brought it to around $39. Just wanting a case to make do for now, I decided to purchase it, knowing it could be returned.

    Well I get home, and started looking up reviews on it and come to find out that Verizon Wireless sold out the same exact case for $4.97 with free shipping. Shocking difference in price.

    So today I strolled back into Walmart, case in hand, to Customer Service. I told them I had purchased it here yesterday, but once I got home I found it for significantly cheaper elsewhere. He asked where, then I proceeded to show him the Verizon Wireless website stating the price of $4.97 -- he was definitely in shock. I told them that I could also find the item in store, so a return would be fine with me as well (knowing that wasn't true). Well he called over the manager, explained the situation, and they priced matched on the spot.

    Boom. Quality folio case for $4.97. I think most of you could scrape that change together from your sofa. Even with the slight annoyance of the bezel covering, it is well worth the $5.

    Winning? Im happy!

    *EDIT* Here is a link to a fellow member who reviewed the case. Pictures included.
    Review Griffin Technology Elan Folio Case
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