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    Hi all.

    Yes, I know there are several other threads out there discussing anti glare screen protectors, but none from the UK perspective.

    Does anyone this side of the pond have a recommendation for a decent matte anti glare screen protector? I ordered a GreatShield, which I ended up importing from the US only to find it was utter pants when I arrived - impossible to apply without an unacceptable amount of air bubbles (I am usually a dab hand at applying these things, with several phones and a bubble free iPad) but even if I had been able to put the thing on to my satisfaction, it wouldn't have stayed on because of the "pixelation" effect it added. In contrast the Speck protector I have on the iPad kills the glare while adding little degradation to the screen visibility or clarity. That's what I want for my TP.

    So, can anyone recommend an excellent and, most importantly, sourceable in the UK protector that fits the bill?
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    Ahh crap, I've just ordered these Greatshield protectors from Amazon! Got a cheap one from eBay but the fingerprints are a nightmare. Hoped the anti glare would improve this with these new ones.

    Wish Power Support made some. Have theirs for iPhone and its awesome.
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    Maybe you'll be OK - I am spoilt by the Speck on the iPad. I had a cheap matte protector on my Galaxy Tab as well and it was the same as the GreatShield I've just binned. Ended up removing it in the end. Couldn't get on with the grainy pixelly effect it added.

    It wouldn't take me a long time to order an iPad one and see if I could cut it down to size. Or an iPad 2 - isn't the size even closer there?

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