For pocket sized devices like my old palm T5 PDA and samsung epic smartphone I have a jacket like case with pocket for my license, cards, etc that typically carried in a wallet. Since the touchpad is too bug for a pocket I'm wondering what to get to cover it and carry it when I take it out of the house. For my netbook I have a bible carry case I tried using for it but is carried in the hand and not very convenient. I'm also concerned that if I were to use it for my touchpad the inside lining or other stuff like zippers may damage the screen or casing.

So I am wondering if there is something that comes with a jacket that perhaps flips open like it appears HP's touchpad case does, but also is a non-bulky portfolio like thing with a strap or something to carry on my shoulder, or a non-bulky backpack that is meant for carrying electronics such as these instead of a book bag backback. Anyone have any thoughts and/or recommendations?