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    I bought this case and am not disappointed. This is an iPad 2 case so I wasn't expecting it to fit as well as it does. If not for the rear cut-outs for the iPad's rear camera and speaker, and the fact that the speakers are covered a bit, you really wouldn't know it wasn't designed for the Touchpad.

    Cut-outs for the webcam, mic, headphone jack, home button and volume controls are perfect. The power button is covered about 50% but its use isn't impeded. The speakers are covered some but I don't find it muffles the sound noticeably. The upper speaker is about 20% covered. The lower speaker is about 85% covered. I may use my dremel to vent the flap covering the lower speaker just because I'm anal that way, but in use I wouldn't notice they were covered without looking.

    The case has small magnets in the corners that hold it closed, and the cover folds back into a stand like many others. The synthetic leather finish is nice to the touch - it doesn't look or feel cheap at all. The stitching isn't 100% perfect but it over all looks very good and is way better than I expected for $9.99. Link and pics below, more pics on the website.

    Leather Case with Flip Stand for iPad 2

    Re:, I've ordered from them many times. Some items ship from China and thus take a couple weeks to get to the US, but shipping is free. Items coming from the US arrive much sooner and have an option for expedited shipping.
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    Cut-out for USB port is perfect, but my Touchpad will *not* charge on the Touchstone while in this case.

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