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    Hey all. I'm looking for some sort of travel bag for my Touchpad; going on tour soon and want to have a good set up.

    What I'm looking for is a small sleeve/case that has a shoulder strap and will hold my Touchpad in the HP Folio case and the HP Keyboard.

    I found this review on ZDNet of an iPad case that meets my need:
    Review: iPad Travel Express bag fits the TouchPad and Galaxy Tab | ZDNet

    Saw this one on Amazon, though I doubt that outside pocket holds the keyboard: STM Jacket for iPad (dp-2139-3): Electronics

    Is anyone else looking for something similar? Has anyone found something like this?

    I know there's no Touchpad-specific product with these specs, so I've been searching through iPad and netbook accessories. I'd prefer something slim, but productive, like the two featured above; trying to avoid the laptop-style netbook cases.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Cocoon grid hard side carry case.

    Not exactly what you said you were looking for, but I like it.
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    I just recently went through all of this, shopping for a bag and going on a flight and trip with my TP and accessories. I was looking for the same things, and I came up with this bag which I purchased from Staples:

    Wenger Swiss Gear Legacy 10.2-inch Tablet/iPad Netbook Slimcase |

    The pocket for the TP is padded with egg crate pattern foam on both sides to protect it. In the other pocket, I stored my keyboard, Touchstone, charger for both my TP and Pre, small headphone case, as well as my point and shoot Canon camera. This was a little excessive, but it did fit with a bit of clever packing. Coming home, I took the chargers and TS out and stashed them in my suitcase, but things still fit quite well. This also has two outside pockets that are pretty slim, but could hold some smaller items like USB cables. One of the outside pockets has velcro to hold it closed.

    I'd definitely recommend this case. The handles and shoulder strap were excellent, and I wore it like a messenger bag. That was what I originally wanted, but realized they don't make full fledged messenger bags that small because they would look goofy. I was able to easily pull it out while standing around at the airport and use my TP like a pad of paper, then quickly put it back in the case if I needed to continue walking. Due to the location of the headphone jack, you could also have headphones plugged in while you walk around.

    Hope this helps, I've been meaning to post a review of this thing, but maybe someone can find my post from searching. Of course, go look at your local retailers so you have an idea of sizes. I thought a 10.2" case was going to be bigger than it really is, they're tiny. And just to shop around. You may prefer a different style than everyone else.
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    I have a Cocoon CNS360BK Neoprene Netbook Case, Up to 11inch Netbook /Laptop, Black
    on order.
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