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    Well, the confusion over what is TP ready is here kids and there's those that are taking advantage of us because of it.

    Companies are taking old iPad 1 accessories, "close enough" items and other odds and ends and trying to push them off as Touchpad ready. Of course, we're starting to see now that some of these companies are not truly on the up and up.

    So, why not have these accessories tested, evaluated and then reviewed? If it's 100% Touchpad-Ready then it gets a "Precentral Certified" stamp of approval. If it's not then... raspberries to them and they don't get the stamp.

    It would be a way to shop with confidence and know what's what. Companies would want to have their products get the stamp of approval to build trust with the TP community. Let's face it, dumping 5,000 old iPad1 cases on the market gives you a black eye but having a true TP case that's certified is going to lead to 10's of thousands of sales because confidence is there.

    Think that accessory companies won't produce for a product no longer produced? Think again - Betamax tapes were produced until the late 80's. Fact is - there's several hundred thousand TP users that will need these accessories and will probably have to buy the same item a few times: AC chargers for the home, office and for travel; cases that get scratched or cut on accident and need to be replaced, the usb cord that got smashed by your office chair, the screen protector that lasts a while but needs to be replaced, etc. etc. etc.

    This is what could happen:

    Precentral invites companies to send their products FOR FREE to be tested. Tests take place and reviews are written. The items tested can either be kept by Precentral or given away to members in drawings.
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    But Precentral is sponsored by the PreCentral Store. Why would they wan't to help out the competition by certifying their accessories.

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