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    and by custom I mean homemade, and by homemade I mean the fits not great. But it's cheaper than the proper ones, and it feels awesome.

    I believe it's the same material as the one on crazypinoys, but mine was cut by an *****...
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    looks great for a DIY
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    looks great man! Where'd you get the materials and how did you measure it out?
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    Thanks, from a distance, it looks fine.

    I saved the screen protector that was damaged, to use as a template. But I then realised, that, like the one on my screen currently. The fit was terrible. I also saved the plastic cover that was on the TP out of the box, all I did was just trace the corners and then I had to lengthen the template a couple of mm.

    My hard cover should arrive this week, but I was getting sick of cleaning the back of the TP every day.
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    WOW, that case actually looks genius. Care to make a tutorial?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xpl View Post
    WOW, that case actually looks genius. Care to make a tutorial?
    I made one myself too. Just go to Ebay and buy some 3M fake carbon fiber decal. Trace it out on the back, cut and apply. It was about $6.25 for a 12"x12" sheet.
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    3M Dinoc they originally sent the black one by accident, which really did look great. But there's loads of different options. Lots of Dinoc videos on YouTube, it seems like the vinyl can take quite a lot of abuse.
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    Looks great man! Sure the edges could've been cut cleaner but hell it looks nice! Good Work!

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