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    Hey guys, new PalmPre2 user here.I just received a touchstone charging thing from an online store. I placed an order for a brand new one, but thea kate I received seemed like a used/opened product.

    Was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on the contents of what's in the box, and specifically the condition and packaging.

    It is a Verizon branded box for just the touchstone charger.
    It included:
    - small picture manual in the box,not in a plastic bag or anything. Just the manual on it's own.
    -the touchstone charger on it's own(not sealed in a plastic bag or anything). It only came with a clear plastic sticker on the bottom.

    That's it. Is that what and how a new Verizon palm touchstone dock was/is packaged? Imwondering if I should file a complaint regarding the item I received so would appreciate it, if anyone could shed some light on it.

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    That's about all there is to the Touchstone. Be aware that 5 of the 6 I have ordered from Verizon (for $5/each) have been troublesome. Test by leaving your phone on the TS until 100% charged. See if it stays quiet, or continually wakes with the charging banner/sound. It seems these might be returns that Verizon is reselling, as such a high percentage have this issue.

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