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    Hi folks. I am about to buy the Verbatim 97537 bluetooth keyboard for my HP touchpad. Was wondering if anyone has it working with their Touchpad right now. Their site says it is compatible, but i've read many threads here that show incompatibility for certain BlueTooth keyboards with the finicky Touchpad. Link to Verbatim below. Thanks much!

    Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard - iPad / iPhone Bluetooth Enabled for Mobile
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    I purchased one of these from Frys electronics and played around with it for a few days. The keyboard layout was so bad, I returned it this morning.
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    Did it connect and work with your touchpad correctly?
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    it did connect, and work correctly, but again, with the keyboard layout, especially the shift and return key, it ended up making me type about 75% slower. I am happy to have returned it. I was able to connect though yes.
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    Should do since I see multiple mentions of it working with the iPad. On page two of this review, mentions that it does pair up. There is also a little video of it there. Looks very compact. But pricey and have to wonder if the compactness has some negative side effect on layout and experience.
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    Thank you

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