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    I love my touchpad, and since I taught it to feel love(linux) I think it loves me too. As a good and nurturing owner I want to build a case for it with my own hands(I'll have kids when one of my electronics survives for two years. Has anyone seen any awesome plans for a stand style portable case that can be put together for under 20$ at home? Going through the first ten pages in google for DIY HP and Ipad cases the book option seems like the best. I'm debating cutting up an old copy of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel as it could fit my tablet and keyboard but I'd have to add a side strap to make it work as a stand. Post your ideas/schematics here or let me know if you have an awesome idea that you can't make work and we can brainstorm solutions.

    No bored ergonomics or origami majors out there?
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