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    Yep, you heard it right. Head on over to the HP site to pick one up for $29.99 + tax. Shipping free today and tomorrow.
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    if these cases had a tiny magnet in their flap to keep them tightly closed, they would be the bestest things ever.
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    got one. Thanks!
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    Been trying to find these at a decent price.
    Bought the family touchpads and love dual boot.
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    B & h on sales tax
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    I'm thinking about stopping by a RadioShack and picking up their little package of Rare Earth Magnets, and maybe cutting one in half, and attaching it to the case somehow, see if that can give me some kind of a clasp. Kind of afraid of what it might do to electronics, though.
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    the case uses Velcro to keep the back flap attached. I don't think they can use metal because it wouldn't be compatable with the touchstone charger. If metal gets between the pad and the charger, the metal heats up to very high temps. Enough to melt things.

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