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    I am well aware that there are already some threads regarding screen protectors for the Touchpad. However, they barely deal with offers just for a backside protector / skin for the Touchpad. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to have a seperate thread just for back protectors.

    What I'm personally looking for is a cheap solution to protect the backside of he Touchpad. I don't need any screen protector as I transport the TP in a pouch. However, I use to lay my Touchpad down everywhere and sometimes I'm afraid that some surfaces might scratch the shiny backside of the device. I have a little protector on the backside of my phone as well and since I applied it, I feel much more comfortable simply putting it down anywhere without having to care whether it might scratch.

    I don't need a corner protection as some skins offer (I won't throw the TP around, just want to lay it on its back), additionally they seem to be pretty hard to install and might easily peel off if not installed precisely.

    However, most simple back protectors cost four or five times the amount of a simple screen protector. Often you get 3 or 5 screen protectors for a few dollars. C'mon - where's the difference?

    I would therefore love to hear whether anyone has found a cheap opportunity just to grab a good back protector.

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    You could put a screen protector on the back I suppose.
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    :-) Thought about that as well. But I'm not certain how well they would fit. Anyone tried this yet?
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    Try BSE you can order clear back only with free shipping reasonably cheap.
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    there's someone on this site that is selling a clear back for 7 or 8 bucks.
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    I'm working on one, it would have been on today... But they shipped the wrong item I needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seauxcrazy View Post
    there's someone on this site that is selling a clear back for 7 or 8 bucks.
    Yeah, that woul be exaxtly what I wanted - but he's not shipping internationally.
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    Ah, didn't realize you were international

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