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    i have noticed alot of these cases have magnets to secure them to the unit.. is this going to be an issue with the Touchpad like unshielded speakers with televisions? from the magnets..
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    Unshielded speakers were only a problem with CRT based televisions. LCD's are not reactive to magnetic fields.
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    This is actually my concern as well. I have an HP case along with a Verizon flip-top leather case ($3.75 with university discount, tax+shipping) this leather case was for iPad but it fits perfectly for the TP with HP case and feels very solid. Though, it has two magnets on the flap to close it and secure it. I was also wondering if this will have any effect on the device.

    Probably not the screen but the magnet is probably an inch from the camera. I used to have a Treo 680 and had the same problem. I was carrying it in a blackberry case (comes with blackberry 7105) which I believe has a magnet inside to turn the device on/off when inserting/removing from the case. Shortly after, the camera malfunctioned. Since it was out of warranty, I gave it away and moved on to the Treo 750 and still used the same case. And yes, same problem with the camera as well .. But this time I was able to send it back to Palm. After getting it back, I was suspecting it is the magnet so I bought a new case and didn't have that problem again.

    I think this Verizon case is very nice and provides nice protection since I wheel my TP around a lot. However, the magnet on this thing is sitting at only about an inch from the camera. Can someone confirm if the magnetic flap can harm your device or camera? Or is it that I had bad experience with both Treo? Thanks!

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