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    My Touchpad will not detect an old iPAQ folding keyboard as a keyboard ("No devices found.") But, if held very close, will detect it as "other." After typing in the passcode "0000" and hitting "Next" it seems to accept it as a device (other passcodes note "pairing failed"). But as an "other" device, it won't work as a keyboard.

    Any ideas on how to make the Touchpad accept the keyboard as a keyboard? Or something I need to do at the keyboard end? I have Preware, so if a patch or homebrew will help, that's an acceptable option.
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    Type "0000" and the Enter key on the iPaq keyboard. I had to do this with my Freedom Keyboard2 in order to pair to the TP. Good luck.
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    Thanks for passing this along, but I've done this.

    The real issue seems to be not the pairing, but the fact the Touchpad does not detect the keyboard as a keyboard. It detects it as "other" device. It shows up under other devices as BT Folding Keyboard, but not as a keyboard. So I can't type on it!

    Very strange. Bluetooth is Bluetooth. Why is this keyboard not a keyboard?
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    Yeah, I'm getting the same results. I don't have any other Bluetooth devices, so I'm wondering if there's any way to hack in and redirect any "other" devices to the Bluetooth keyboard handler.

    (should a mod merge the threads?)

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