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    I found this at a Verizon wireless store. Its a leather folio case with an integrated keyboard. It is for the iPad 2 by fit the HP TP very snuggly. When the TP is inserted the case kind of buckles a bit as it is stretched out. I can see this leading to tearing of the seams eventually. But nonetheless less it's a great idea since keyboard goes win you easily.

    The leather is Good but not real high quality. Probably the same leather as those china made cases. The inside leather is soft as to not scratch the tablet. The leather around the wrist area of the keyboard is the same as the exterior. The small pieces of the leather that hug the sides of the tablet are rather thin bu it's what probably allows for the stretch to make the TP fit. There's a strap that hold the folio closed and also doubles as the stand. It pretty rigid and has to female buttons on it and a magnetic clasp on it. It is adjustable to 2 degrees of viewing ( roughly 80-70degrees and 45 degrees). The magnetic clasp isn't very good when using it with the TP seems like a rather weak magnet to begin with. I will hold it shut but a small bump undoes it. overall the leather is a good feel, the stitching seems to be solid. Also the camera seems to be slightly covered by the case. The gesture area is fully available.

    The keyboard is good. Most of the keys work great on the TP. Since it is for the iPad there are some buttons that do not function well on the TP. The home button, search, music navigation and volume buttons, as well as the ctrl, fn, and command buttons don't do much. There is a button that does minimize to card on the keyboard however. All others work as intended. The keyboard is light and thin. It doesn't add much weight to the already hefty TP. I do however believe the board could have benefited from slightly larger keys. But they're a decent size but will take some getting used to. It is rechargable and uses a micro USB to charge. It has an led indicator on the next to the charge port as well as a color coded on off switch. It also has a small button to help setup into pairin mode.

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