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    Hey folks. I'm having some serious inconsistency with my touchstone charging dock. It seems that once placed on the dock my Touchpad does not always go into charging. Yes i am aware that you are supposed to dock it only with the camera on the left side and/or on the top. It does charge now, but i'm required to play around with it be docking and undocking. Anyone else seeing this? Any trick i should be aware? I removed the plastic covering on the front of the stand (where the touchpad rests on) but have not removed the rear facing plastic (facing the power cord). Thanks!
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    i dont have my touchpad yet but i watched a video demo and you need to place it directly in the middle of the touchstone or it wont charge

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    Thanks so much CaCHooKa Man! That was it! didn't know the dock was so sensitive, but now all is well!

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