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    Quote Originally Posted by texasflood View Post
    And I've never had a key stick, even as much as a single keystroke, nor read about it happening until your post.
    Quote Originally Posted by bable View Post
    Tough to be a naysayer here... My experience has been much less than satisfactory, but, whatever butters your muffin
    Well. It's not perfect I know but I'm still pretty happy with mine. At around $30 I don't see a lot of better choices but let me know if you have suggestions, I might get another.

    I have to be honest, as one would expect after I made the statement "And I've never had a key stick, even as much as a single keystroke, nor read about it happening", I observed something along those lines. Make a statement like that and fate will turn you into a liar 9 times out of 10 I think.

    I decided to edit a system file with VI through Xecutah/XTerm. The first time I brought up VI some keys got stuck repeating. I really don't think it was the keyboard doing it since I've used it quite a bit and not observed that before. It was some sort of combination of the keyboard xterm and vi. But it did happen a couple of times when I first started VI so had to fess up about it. After that the symptom went away as mysteriously as it had arrived and I was able to edit OK. Well, as OK as one can use VI without an escape key! THAT was a problem and had me hating on the keyboard a bit for the first time, Guess that key can be mapped but I didn't really want to mess wiht it then. I found that I could make my change and do a control-c to escape, hah, so was able to get it done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ac921ol View Post
    Keyboard has a sleep timer, or Turn off timer (not sure but mine was not able to connect when I left my TP for a few minutes 5-10
    Does anyone know how to turn this off?

    I'm sure it saves some battery, but having to wait a couple of seconds for the keyboard to wake up is annoying at times, especially if you start typing without realizing the keyboard is asleep

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    All ya gotta do is remember to hit the card key a couple times when you've not touched the keyboard for a bit, and the connect message will show. *Yeah, it takes a second, but if you get into the habit of doing it, you will not have that problem again. *You batteries will thank you.

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    beautifully made keyboard
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    I like the keyboard, but I often wish I had a mouse too.
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