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    Does EVERY bluetooth keyboard work on the HP Touchpad?
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    They should, yes. The iPad BT kb paired just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyleoXD View Post
    Does EVERY bluetooth keyboard work on the HP Touchpad?
    Most modern, general-purpose Bluetooth keyboards should work - the important thing to check is that a keyboard uses the Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) Profile, which is what the TouchPad uses for keyboard support. Some keyboards, particularly older ones sold specifically for use with BlackBerry or Android devices, use the incompatible SPP (Serial Port Profile). There are also some newer keyboards that support both HID and SPP.

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    But only the TP keyboard has a "cards" key.

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    Would it be too hard to map the "windows" button to use for the Cards key?
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    They should all work but they don't all work the same. Like mentioned above, the ain advantage of the HP Bluetooth keyboard is its webOS/Touchpad-specific keys. Plus you can control the volume, brightness, on/off, etc. None of them (not even the HP keyboard) allows you to move minimized cards with the arrow keys which is a common complaint. Pairing can also be an issue. The HP pairs quite easily with the TP but I found the Logitech (Android 3.0) keyboard requires a 6-digit numerical password to be entered twice (once on the virtual keyboard and again using the Logitech keyboard) everytime you pair.
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    Only those with batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post

    Only those with batteries.
    sarcasm much?

    anyway, does anyone know of anywhere one might be able to find a generously discounted Touchpad bluetooth keyboard (although I cant justify spending the money on one bc i have a macbook pro and mac pro)? might be neat/handy to have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MINKIN2 View Post
    Would it be too hard to map the "windows" button to use for the Cards key?
    FYI, the Windows key is already mapped to the Card View key.

    Also, the escape key is the notifications key.

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