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    Any good keyboard and CHEAP?

    The HP is sold out at

    In need for a keyboard for school!

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    I would probably try looking in the accessories subforum.
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    Get the HP Bluetooth keyboard. I got mine on Amazon for $35.00. I'm sure there are better deals out there if you really look. I used a Logitech Bluetooth (Android 3.0 version) and it worked quite well plus the carrying case was quite useful. Great feel and looked nice but there are a lot of special Android keys that don't work. I heard that the Targus BT keyboard is also nice but also heard it's flimsy. The HP keyboard is well made and connects quite easily. Also, it comes with very webOS/Touchpad-specific keys. The Logitech was a paint to connect everytime--had to enter a special 6-digit numerical password on BOTH the Touchpad AND the keyboard itself EVERYTIME.

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