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    Been looking to get a touchstone charger as I don't trust my good wife with repeatedly connecting the microUSB charger, and I notice the Palm Pre touchstones are quite a bit cheaper to buy in the UK. Anyway, will one work with the Touchpad, or are we stuck having to pay the premium for a TP one?
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    They're different.

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    As an electrician (not that you need to be one) let me just say:


    Why? Different voltages. Not even the standard Pre plugin adapters will work. The amount of current that needs to be generated to charge a pre is quite a bit less than for a TouchPad. The TouchPad Dock uses induction as does the Pre dock but the voltage generated is different.

    If you both have TouchPads just buy one Dock and share, thats what I plan to do for my wife.

    Good Luck!
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    And as the owner of both, let me reassure you that one cannot, no matter how awkwardly balanced, charge a Touchpad with the original Touchstone. Original Pre chargers don't work either as they only provide half the amperage of the Touchpad's charger.
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    is there any teardown showing how the touchpad touchstone is built? It seems to be much more forgiving of the exact position than the pre touchstone was. Must be a much larger inductive coil.
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    Ah, such a shame - cheers anyway guys!
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    how about a pre charging on the touchstone?
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    no. I tried that too. it didn't work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ski21 View Post
    how about a pre charging on the touchstone?
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    Well... technically, you *could* get it to work but it would involve installing the receiver coil from the pre into the touchpad (or at least sticking it to the back) and then soldering it to the charging posts (or rigging up a micro usb plugin)... oh, and you'd also have to use the touchpad charger to get the correct amprage... other than that... won't work...
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