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    Hi, I just bought my touchstone from BB and went to my friends house to test it out and show it to him. However my 32GB Touchpad wont charge, I thought the touchstone might be defective. When I got home I used my dads 32GB Touchpad and his charges but mine won't. Is my Touchpad defective? How Can i fix this? Any advice?
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    Any help? Thanks guys... Should I try to master reset?
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    The pad will only charge in 2 out of the 4 orientations. Speakers down and home button down. I assume you are doing that right?
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    I was going to mention like schro the TouchPad does need to be positioned a certain way on the Touchstone to charge.
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    check the charger (the round barrel) swap his for yours. If that works you know what the problem is. I assume you checked that it was snapped into place? (if you grab the charger it swivels so you can connect a different plug, make sure that its snapped all the way into place)
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    Thanks, i'm try those new techniques when I get home.

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