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    So I just bought a single screen protector to put on my TP but right as I was about to apply it, it slipped out of my hand and fell smack dab on the floor. Now its covered in dust, hair and the like. I just have it sitting on my desk now. Is there anyway I can salvage it? Can I run it under water or something or will that ruin the adhesive? I paid almost $15 for it and don't want to just toss it.
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    warm water with some dish soap in the water might work
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    take some scotch tape- the wider the better and roll it over the screen protector picking up dust. it will clean it up for you
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    What kind of screen protector jumps out of your hand? Every one I've used is too damn stickey to do that.

    I say it's useless.

    What did you do with it anyway?
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    Water and soap. Let it air dry. Then use a piece of scotch tape to pick up individual dust particles. It happened to me and I tried this method. Worked fine. It was still a pain to put on though.
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    alright thanks guys I'll try out the water and soap. I just put the protector back on the film it came on, guess i,ll clean it and leave it overnight and try it again tomorrow.

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