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    The RockSoul bluetooth keyboard (Bluetooth Keyboard BK series - my ) works fine on the HP TouchPad and every other device I threw at it. Fry's Electronics sells them for $35.

    It works on:
    TouchPad with 3.0.2
    PC with ioGear bluetooth adapter (Walmart special)
    Mac Running OSX 10.6.6
    LG Optimus T running CM7 port.
    Nook Color with latest CM7 nightlies.
    Archos 32 with latest update (2.4.19).
    Ipod Touch 2nd generation (iOS 4.2.1) (jailbroken using bluetooth service manager to enable HID support). This should not be needed on newer models.

    I think it would be safe to say this thing will work with just about any device with reasonable bluetooth support.

    The only oddities I ran it were:
    On the PC I specifically had to enable the keyboard once the device was paired. Maybe this is normal.
    On the iPod Touch, I had to use an App, from Cydia, to enable HID support because it was disabled by Apple for this device.
    The keyboard arrow keys were rotated based on the orientation of the Nook Color. This wasn't the case on the Archos 32 though.
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    Nice and thanks for the reference. Price and backlight (I think it has a backlight?) works for me as well. :-) Sorli...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    Nice and thanks for the reference. Price and backlight (I think it has a backlight?) works for me as well. :-) Sorli...
    Nope no backlight, and $35.
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    I went out and bought the rocksoul keyboard, but having trouble pairing it to the touchpad. when I pair it to my wife's iphone, a code pops up but that code will not work when I try to pair with the touchpad. What passkey did you use?
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    was finally able to pair it up.
    I used my wife's iphone to get the the passkey, and used that code to pair it to the rocksoul keyboard. I also typed in the passkey on the keyboard as well and hit enter and it seemed to pair up nicely.

    for the price, it's pretty good. This keyboard won't control volume, or screen brightness like the hp keyboard does, but just as good for data entry and taking notes.

    I also have the hp keyboard, and while not as stylish, I feel like I can throw this one in my bookbag without feeling like it's so fragile or going to break.

    This is a spare, so now I have one at home and one at the office, and no longer have to carry along the keyboard. At this price, this is the best bluetooth keyboard imo.
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    just a side note,
    INcase anyone was thinking of getting this keyboard,

    the one glitch that this keyboard has, is that the shift keys don't work (unless the particular unit that I have is defective)

    This makes it a pain in the b*** if you want to type symbols like @#$%^&*().
    You have to hold down the caps lock key for those to work.
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    I had the same issue that shift does nothing and capslock toggles shift (thank goodness, a true capslock would mean we couldn't use some characters), but with 3.0.4 on the TouchPad there was an interesting development: it works properly for text fields in the browser, but (almost?) nowhere else. This probably means it's sending the proper keycodes, but the upper level translation is weird and the browser gets to be an exception - maybe because it's got to support flash & javascript key events. X applications (Xterm and company) sadly still have the problem, but perhaps we can try a build that completely disables the onscreen keyboard instead of hiding it (there are also linux-native ones) if that's an option and see if that works?

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