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    Went to a big outlet shopping area in South Florida called Sawgrass Mills today to help a friend look for furniture, but with the loose hope of finding something decent for my TP, especially since I had not come across any reviews for cases that really appealed to me so far. Walking by the various stores, I figured I would take a quick look into Marshalls since I know similar discount type stores occasionally have some decent, cheap tech accessories. Saw a beat-up opened box for an iPad stand and decided to take it out and give it a try with the TP. What a surprise to see and feel the nicely padded hard shell snap right onto the back perfectly. Power button, volume rocker, headphone jack, micro USB jack were all unobstructed. The speakers were covered by the side, but even on the lowest setting I could still hear Angry Birds just fine The back has a completely adjustable swivel stand that can prop at any angle and both portrait/landscape views. I even held the case by the handle -upside down- and the TP was fine, no hint of falling out from the case's grip. The final wow was realizing that the stand part can actually detach to show that wonderful HP logo and remove bulk if needed. My friend suggested that I can even just slip the whole thing with the case/stand attached into a simple sleeve to throw into my purse. Win!

    I'm attaching pictures and I hope that my lucky find might be useful for other TP owners, too. One negative with this case/stand is that the TP cannot sit in portrait mode while connected to the charger.
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    how much was it?
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    More pics.
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    hmmn, for a stand with unobstructed speakers, I am using the Arkon stand that JKendrick recommended (thanks James), paid $10
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    Oh! It was $19.99. So with FL 6% tax, totalled $21.19
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    this is THE case i am looking for! sturdy, well protected and best of all, super usable with a built in stand for any orientation. now to get me a touchpad
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    I had been looking at small easy-to-travel-with stands as well, but I don't think one of those would be as versatile as this now that I've been using it. I can sit on the sofa or bed with the stand propped comfortably and well balanced. Hopefully you can find a touchpad, nbdylovesyou!
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    I thought I would give Marshalls a go and although I did not find the OP's item, I did pick this up for 50 cents: Speck Products See Thru Satin Soft Touch Hard Shell Case for iPad, Blue, IPAD-SAT-A17: Electronics

    The fit is nice and snug with gaps at the corners because of the TP is more "well rounded." The headphone jack is inaccessible, but the buttons can be pressed through the case (volume up portion is exposed). As a stand, it is only good in a close to 90 degree position. Lean it back any farther and the flap starts to slide back.

    One good thing is that it works with the Touchstone. I will use it until a more permant solution arrives next week. After that I may get a PadTab to mount this case in the kitchen.
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    I personally wouldn't get one but I did recommend this case to some newly-converted webOS fans. Thanks!
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    just an update, my case arrived and it fits the touchpad well!

    stable fit and extremely versatile handle!

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