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    Also found that I can set the tablet over the steering wheel, with the flap stretching out to the instrument console of my car. Then and lay out the HP bluetooth keyboard on the bottom of the steering wheels and do some serious tying from in the car.

    To go one further, the Truss has those nifty channels to adjust the tilt of the TouchPad. If there is an unused channel the HP TouchPad keyboard fits nicely into the channels which makes for a firmer hold on the keyboard.

    Not done yet. How many like to multitask in the dunny? Open a sink cupboard door, lay out the Truss flap to hang in the back and rest the tablet over the top of the door.

    Does it get any better? Yes! Had surgery recently so was spending time on the bottom bunk for the futon bunkbed I have. Slid the top flap up and under the top bunk's railing and mattress area and it held there for some great back surfing, book reading, and music listening pleasure.

    This Truss case is a well thought-out design and a pleasure to use every day, any place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsie2 View Post
    I hope you contact HP and let them know both about the problem and your displeasure with the problem. The more people that complain/open tickets, the more reason they'll have to fix it. Nobody that I know uses the compass but loads of people use the touchstone--clearly someone didn't do the math when they thought that was a good trade off.
    Elsie, thanks for elucidate the annoying problem I have for a while for failing to charge with Targus Truss case on touchstone. I bet there are must bunch of people with the same issue after 3.0.4 update. You are right, we should reflect this problem to HP and let them know this issue.

    In fact, I just live chat with the customer supporter. She told me this is a known issue and asked me some detailed information (ex. name, phone, webOS version...etc) for her to transfer to their specialist team. Hopefully, they can work out sort of solution ASAP. She also told me so far there is no information about new webOS coming out.

    So the take-home message is: if you encounter the same issue, which is failing to charging Touchpad with case on Touchstone, please let HP know through their customer service. Then our voices would have chance to be heard.
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