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    I have a bunch of micro usb cords and have not found 1 other then the one that comes with the touchpad that does not give me a charging error, anyone found one?
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    I've never had any issues with any of the micro-USB cables I have (Nook Color, PRS-350, Seagate portable HDD, LG Thrive). More to the point, where are you plugging it in? Few PC's would have a USB port capable of delivering the amperage that the TouchPad requires.
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    I agree. All micro-USB cables i have tried work well.

    Chargers are a different issue. I bought a 2.1A USB charger for work and it wasn't powerful enough (it still gives the warning about the charger not being powerful enough it does actually charge slowly). I have now resorted to buying a second (and expensive!) touchpad charger.
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    As above - I've had no trouble with any USB cords, only the plug that they plug into.
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    No issues here with the three random ones I have laying around.
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    Shouldn't be any issue for charging, however, it's important to note that there are micro USB cables that do not support data transmission. I first learned this with my Nexus One. Also Best Buy has been selling a micro USB cable where it mentions specifically on the package that data sync is not supported.
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    No issue at all with my HTC cord.
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    $2.00 gets you whatever you need.

    BTW, I have seen issues with some lower quality cables, but Monoprice's cables are generally very high quality.
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