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    Hi all

    I have just been using the Touchpad Keyboard for a little over an hour now and I am wondering if the on/off switch on mine is broken.

    So on my Touchpad keyboard, the on/off switch for the keyboard itself (the one on the underneath of the keyboard, not the power symbol button) slides freely left and right and will also bounce if the whole keyboard is shaken, the keyboard remains functional when the switch is positioned in either place. If I am mistaken by the manual, should this switch act as an on/off switch for the keyboard and stay in place?

    many thanks in advance
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    Ya, sounds like it could be damaged. I'd ask for a replacement from wherever you purchased it, or, if they don't have any, it should be covered under HP's warranty.
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    Yes, that sounds like a broken switch... and it will need to be functional if ever you must pair the devices again.
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    Thanks for the swift response fella's. I suppose its always on at the moment, and being bluetooth can be quite draining for the battery. It appears to work fine but have noticed that it needs to be paired again if you have restarted the Touchpad.

    I bought it from PC World in the UK so lets hope I can find a replacement or that HP can help. Shame really, I loved the fact my Pre has a keyboard.

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