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    Hi guys

    Did anyone of you order something else than a Pre 3 last week from Eurostore?
    I ordered a Touchstone on the 25th but it's been a week and I haven't even heard of them. They've already charged me and I've already mailed them 4 times about this order and 2 times through twitter but I got 0 responses so far. I told them specifically that I want the Touchstone before the 2nd because I'm leaving for London. Once I leave for London (tomorrow) I won't be able to receive any order for at least 2 weeks in London. And since I won't be here, I want to cancel the order.. But they do not respond, although I've paid for the product. Yes they've already charged me and I can't find the telephone number in their website to call them.

    Is there any law that protects me? Can I chargeback? I tried in the past with another store but I my bank didn't accept it, because the buyer just gave them a receipt saying that they WILL charge me(more like an invoice) for that. So I called a lawyer because the amount was 600Euros and resolved it but now the amount I paid in eurostore is only 78 Pounds and it would be harsh to get a lawyer for that :/

    If a courier comes here most probably he will leave the package to my porter's office and it will stay there like for ever. So I won't have the package and I'll get charged too because the courier will have a signature saying that the product was delivered. :/
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