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    Title says it all.

    Has anyone had success with using a blueooth controller like the BGP100 OR a micro USB controller to play snes games using the emulator?

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    No, but that would be awesome, anyone have a BGP100 gamepad laying around they can test for us?

    The issue would be driver support, and configuring the button inputs.
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    you could try this one:

    iControlPad - Bluetooth gaming controls for your smartphone

    As far as I know it works with webos 2.1 and a number of emulators.
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    Dang that thing's cool looking. After watching the video, though, it looks like the app has to have an option to look for and pair to the gamepad, and the SNES emulator for the touchpad has no such option.
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    I only know them because they also produced the Pandora OpenHandheld. But this is in their Forum:

    Official links to all supporting apps - OpenPandora Boards

    Maybe it helps
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    That iControlPad looks like it could be a real winner if support was added to a SNES emulator on WebOs. What I'd also like to see someone show it working with Quake running on Ubuntu. Should just be a simple matter of configuring the key mappings in Quake.
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    what about just a wired remote anyone have any luck with any of those?
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    I'd love to see the PS3 controller working on the touchpad via Bluetooth

    Using the PlayStation 3 controller in Bluetooth mode with Linux
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    Anyone tested out the icontrol for hp touchpad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Humper View Post
    Anyone tested out the icontrol for hp touchpad?
    Yes It works great.

    See my post here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by djgardn2 View Post
    Yes It works great.

    See my post here:
    Link no work.
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    i just saw this announced, which is 'coming soon' supposedly iCade 8-Bitty hands-on (video) -- Engadget

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