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    Do you guys recommend the oringal Hp touchpad case, or is there a better aftermarket one out there?
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    I personally don't like the original case for the fact that it has no close latch, and many current owners already complaining that the edges are curling etc.

    I purchased a Targus Truss case made for TouchPad recently for only $19.99 over at the HP Small Business site.
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    link ? ALec , and i already have the hp touchpad and !!!! YES the Edge is curling .. F uuu
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    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    I'd like to know if anyone has tried the dodocase for ipad on the touchpad, or if there is a similar notebook style case specifically for the tp.
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    How is the Targus Truss case?

    Does anyone have any hands on impression with the Targus Truss, Moko, Acase or any other?
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    Get both see which one you like and then return the other....if you can afford it.
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    Why waste time and resources from the eTailer if someone can give me enough insight to make up my mind?
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    Go with the Technocel Verizon Wireless Ipad Folio case - its $10 shipped right now from their site (see a thread about it floating around these forums) - it takes a slight modification with a hair dryer, but afterwords it fits like a glove and has latch for closing. Great, low profile case that converts into a stand
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    I pre-ordered this one: link
    HP Touchpad 16GB
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    I bought this one for the , cough, iPad.

    Griffin Gb01550 Elan Passport For Apple iPad Tablet WiFi 16GB 32GB 64GB: Computers & Accessories

    Fits ok although one of the elastic retainers sits over the power and volume buttons so I leave that one off, it is still nice and secure.


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