A friend who owns an iPad2 loaned me his bluetooth keyboard to see if it's the sort of thing I'd want to pick up for myself. It works great, I'm thinking I will likely get myself a BT keyboard of one sort or another.

I've updated Quickoffice, and was editing a document with it, and I noticed that the backspace repeat was not working. If I hold down any other key on the keyboard, after the usual second or two it starts repeating, but the backspace key does not. It works fine on other applications, such as Listed, Typewriter, forum post editors, etc., but not on Quickoffice.

Can anyone tell me if they are experiencing something similar? Can someone tell me if their backspace repeat works OK for the keyboard they have?

The keyboard I'm using is an Ipad keyboard, and as such there is no actual "backspace" key ("delete" on an Apple means "backspace" on most other systems). I'd like to know if this is a Quickoffice bug, or if it's a case of a very slightly incompatible keyboard.