I love it. It has the typical edges that block the swipe functions that some use. It seems to be a generic version they use for many different products modified to fit a particular model. One thing i love is that the case uses velcro instead of precut slots for viewing so the tilt viewing is more or less endless. It is real durable. It doesnt seem to be real leather. The cover stays closed much better than the factory hp case although there isnt a magnet or strap to assist. I just got home and put it on my touchstone. It is bulkier but does stand fine with the cover folded back and it also charges. If you can deal with the picture frame type design i think this is in my opinion more protective than the hp case especially for screen protection or if it were dropped. Im at work so i dont have pics but it is listed on amazon. They have 2 cases. This is not the one that is a two piece with the removeable inner case. That one seemed a bit bulky to me. This one is bulkier than the hp case but is certainly utilized well. For me the pros definately outweigh the cons considering the limited number of cases out there. One last thing there is a cutout for the camera which lines up excellent on mine.