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    we both got one my hubs and I - he loves his, mines still in the box :'( we got ours at best buy for 34.00 but we saw them at office depot for 29.99 tonight
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    Quote Originally Posted by next_milenium View Post
    Agree. First thought I had when I unpackaging my TP. Seemed similar to Apple product.
    I carefully cut the tape and slid it out on my tp and case to keep the boxes in perfect condition. I plan on keeping this thing forever its a big deal to me
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    Keyboard seems a strange thing to a tablet. If you want to use a tablet with a keyboard, why not use a laptop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3138NV View Post
    It's totally worth it. I received my HP BT keyboard the same day the Quick Office upgrade (doc editing) was offered causing me to no longer use my laptop. I actually had the Logitech keyboard (Android 3.0 version) which is very nice and it comes with a neat carrying case that is very handy. However, pairing it required typing in a 6 digit code with the virtual keyboard and with the Logitech keyboard itself EVERY TIME. I only discovered the code (0000 wasn't working) because I paired it with my wife's Galaxy Tab and it showed me what the correct code was. Also, the HP BT keyboard has specific keys that work on the TP such as volume, brightness, minimizing apps, etc. A lot of people complain that the arrow keys don't allow you to scroll through cards--I bought a special stylus for that and it works great when at your desk. I can't tell you how many people stop and tell me what a great setup the TP/keyboard/stylus is when they see me pounding away and seamlessly switching between apps by using the keyboard's card minimize key and stylus when I'm at Starbucks or Panera Bread.
    Wouldn't it be faster to swipe with the fingers than using a stylus? What kind of stylus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmenot View Post
    Wouldn't it be faster to swipe with the fingers than using a stylus? What kind of stylus?
    When using the TP in an upright position (either vertically or horizontally) with a keyboard at a desk or seated at a table, I prefer usjng the stylus. The stylus used this way has some advantages. I fjnd the stylus is more precise when it comes to clicking on small links and since I'm usually drinking a frap at Starbucks or eating a sandwich at Panera, the stylus keeps my wet or dirty fingers away from the screen. I find myself cleaning my screen less when I compute this way. Of course when I carry my TP around or I'm using it while lying on the couch, I don't use the stylus. Just a preference for me.
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    I'm sure the OP has either gotten a keyboard by now or decided to pass on one, but I'm still going to add my 2 cents.

    Keyboard feels pretty good, light, keys remind me of my Apple keyboard. I think that, for 35 bucks or so, it's worth it. There are some things missing that would greatly improve it: shortcuts like ctrl+C (standard stuff), a way to switch and dismiss cards from the keyboard (maybe the card key + arrow key), and a way to page up and down while viewing a web page.

    As I do occasionally send longish emails, and have other bluetooth devices that a keyboard would be handy for, it's worth it, despite the shortcomings.
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    Cut and paste from the other thread. Hp had a 25% off coupon they sent out, making it 33 and some change. After tax and shipping it was 42.:

    The keyboard I ordered on the 30th arrived today. It wasn't supposed to be here until the 7th per fed ex, but I got a nice surprise. I didn't even know they delivered on Saturday. This is MUCH better than typing on the touchpad, even tho it still has a really small foot print.

    For those just getting one: The battery cover has hooks in it. Slide it over to the left and lift off. This may be a duh item for some, but it wasn't readily apparent to me.

    The delete key isn't a delete key, it's a backspace key, just like on the TP, and like on the TP if you hold shift, or on the keyboard shift or control and the delete key, it will take off the whole word instead of individual letters. The arrow keys do not let you scroll down with in a page, such as the forum, it only works with the cursor it seems in fields where you are entering text. The only other thing I noticed thus far is the card view button will go to card view or bring up launcher, but it doesn't zoom back in, so it doesn't really minimize the amount of touching you have to do. For 42 bucks, it's not bad, has a good feel to it. The keys work as stated in the brochure but I'd really like a zoom option for the cards and a true delete key that deletes to the right of the cursor and not to the left like a back space key would. As it is I can just use the arrow key to get to where I want and then use the delete key to backspace.
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    +1 on the keyboard. I think it's really nice to have. I just got mine as a gift today, and it's really easy to setup and use. It's an absolute pleasure to type on, and is much faster than the virtual keyboard for me. Add remote desktop and I'm sure I'd be able to do everything my laptop could do on my touchpad.

    By the way, did anyone ever find out what kind of stylus a poster mentioned earlier? It might be nice to have one of those, now that I think about it.
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    Just received my keyboard today. Feels great. Does anyone know how or if it supports Spanish keys? The virtual keyboard is great with this..but haven't found it on the wireless one.
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