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    My iphone earphones are 3.5 mm but do not work on the TP?What type of earphones are you using?Is it the one with the three or two lines on end plug?
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    mine has 3 lines. i'm using these: MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones (Black): Electronics

    very good price, the music control button works too and it has a mic
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    Any headphones/earbuds should work, with apparently the exception of a few Apple-specific products. Way to go Apple.
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    apple iphone earphones work fine on the touchpad, you can pause and skip forward a track (but not backwards), volume controls don't work though.
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    I have the Monster Beats Solo on ear headphones and they work both on the standard wire and the one with the track control and Mic. I know volume and track forward works. Haven't tried going back.
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    I just used some earbuds I had lying around. Works fine and sounds great.
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    I use the Klipsch s4i and the remote can adjust the volume but not skip/pause songs. I haven't tried the mic yet
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    Motorola S9 HD BT headphones work great, all controls work with the Music Player no problem.
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    I've used the ear buds that came with my Pre as well as a Samsung pair I found, both sound great and have worked great for making phone and Skype calls.
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    Using Bluetooth Jabra clipper and working fine
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    I use Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10's with mine and it works great. :-)
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    Phonak Audeo PFE and Meelec M9P's both work great
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    Klipsch Image x10i (Touchad / Pre3 / Pre2)
    - stereo earphone (Ok / Ok / Ok)
    - Mic works (Ok / No / Ok)
    - Play/Pause/Take call (Ok / No / Ok)
    - Prec/FF (Only FF works / No / No)
    - Vol controls (No / No / No)
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    If you want a good price on genuine Monster Turbines for $49.99 that work wonderfully with the Beats Audio on the TouchPad go to their outlet store: Monster Cable® Outlet Store They are REFURBS though and don't come in a fancy box. But they do come with real leather case and 6 pairs of ear plug style ear bud covers. They're 100% real and if you don't believe me, call them and ask. I did. You get a 90 day warranty too. I wouldn't pay $179.99 for them but at $49.99 and after proper burn in period, they are outstanding and the bass is incredible. These are the best earphones I have ever bought period...

    They have Lil Jamz for $29.95 and Jamz for $39.95. But to be honest, spend the $10 more and get the Turbines...they're light years better. Oh they also have control talk versions too. Save your money, buy quality and enjoy.

    One thing to note, they don't ship to Canada. So I had to get one of my sisters in the USA to help facilitate things.

    If you wish to find the URL link yourself, here are the steps:

    1) Type in and then look for the WHERE TO BUY navigation menu (top of screen), click it.
    2) Scroll to the bottom and find the 60% off graphic - click it.
    3) Find something you like in stock.
    4) Buy in confidence. It's legit. I own them...
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    using Insignia BT full control of volume, play pause with built in mic work great, auto connect everytime.

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