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    Still deliberating whether or not using the HP bluetooth keyboard is practical to get or will add frustration. As a touch typist, certainly I know I'll type faster with it. However, can I navigate the TouchPad completely with the BT keyboard without having to touch the screen? Can I use 'tab' to move my cursor through the fields?

    Just wondering what experiences other users have had, especially power users and touch-typists looking for the quickest method of navigating and inputting.
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    I love it. The only thing that's driving me nuts is I keep hitting caps lock when I go for shift, and sometimes it is hard to turn off for some reason.

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    I sortof say it all here:

    The short answer: You can use the keyboard to navigate text-writing (scrolling up and down etc in a google doc edit window for example, or in a forum post). You can't really use it to navigate otherwise, they didnt allow it to switch cards or otherwise control webOS and you can't even scroll a normal website with it (boy wouldn't that have been nice)! You'll be touching the screen -ALL- the time, and it gets annoying. Also doesn't work with tab through cursor fields (or at least, didn't on every field I've come across thus-far using it). The keyboard is quite simply, poorly implemented.

    However, as a touch-typist myself (+100wpm) I can tell you it's WORLDS better for typing. It feels solid, types like a "real" keyboard, is properly spaced with no oddball locations of generally used keys. I can easily match my normal keyboarding speed on it, and that alone made it worth my 30$ investment - although if you're a fast typist you MUST turn off the stupid autocorrect software, failure to do so is extremely annoying as it auto-corrects tons of words that aren't in the webOS dictionary and you'll be 5-10 words further in by the time it does it (you may or may not notice, often with humorous and unintentional effect to your sentence).

    That said, when I'm pretty sure I'm -NOT- doing heavy typing, I'm not going to bother carrying this keyboard around. It's inconvenient to carry and just gets in the way of general touchpad use. For some light note-taking or browsing there's no point in breaking out the keyboard. If you intend to sit down and belt out a 7 page paper or take notes in real-time from a lecture (while -watching- the lecture), it's a no-brainer. The touchscreen keyboard can't keep up.

    Simple as that.
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    I love that for a great price, I got a bluetooth keyboard that looks great, feels great (yeah the caps lock thing as mentioned above happens to me too), and works with a wide array of devices.

    I've used it now on my Iphone4, Laptop hooked up to my TV, my wife's Ipad and I'm going to try it with the Wii and Xbox 360 which I think has bluetooth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaerey View Post
    I've used it now on my Iphone4, Laptop hooked up to my TV, my wife's Ipad and I'm going to try it with the Wii and Xbox 360 which I think has bluetooth.
    Both don't I think
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    Thanks! *I had considered pairing the kb with my laptop but hadn't tried it yet. *Works pretty darn good! *Windows media player even responds to the play/pause button. *This will be handy when I have my laptop hooked up to the plasma tv.

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