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    It will be interesting to see what the PDair aluminum case looks like.
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    my guess it would look like their pre hard cases: PDair Palm Pre Accessories | Cover - Free Worldwide Shipping
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    Just bought this item on ebay. Seems to be OEM and pictures of the item show AT&T brand. I was trying to post link, but I don't have more than 10 posts.

    Item description: "For HP Pre 3 OEM Genuine Leather Case Cover Pouch Clip"
    Item #: 170716027665

    Seller ships from New Jersey, USA. I'll post as soon as I get my hands on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yaniv79 View Post
    those are nice looking cases... definitely speaks of quality.

    on the other hadn, i looked at the TP cases and wow... they are >$120!
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    I ordered this one: SLEEPING BAG POUCH CASE FOR HP PRE 3 BLACK | eBay

    not a big fan of the red stripe at the top but it seems nicely padded!! will see how it fits..
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    After a bit of assistance from a friend who is a US resident, I just recieved one of these:

    Original Palm Treo Pro Phone Genuine Leather Side Case Flip Belt Clip 3457WW | eBay

    (For the Palm Treo 'Pro' ~ as opposed to the Palm Treo 'Centro')
    And it forms a very snug fit for the Pre3.. good qual leather.. belt clip.. embossed 'Palm' name & magnetic flap retainer.. nice!

    TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Pre3 16Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ TS2 BT Audio-Dock ~ HP iPaq. hx-2790b.
    TP 32Gb Wifi. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Veer (Wht.) 8Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ HP Omen-15-5206tx. 256Gb SSD. i7-O/C@3.39Ghz. Win10.
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    Pre 3 is nice phone, so i don't use case
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