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    Hello all,

    I searched the forums, and google as well, but was unable to find the answer for this.

    Does anybody own a Twelve South BookBook case for an iPad, and can confirm that it holds the HP Touchpad as well? I ask because a friend of mine in Hong Kong has this case for his iPad, and after looking high and low for a case that I might like/is available, I finally recalled the case he had.

    In terms of dimensions, it seems as though the Touchpad, iPad and iPad 2 are very similar, with a difference of +/-5 mm in most dimensions, however I'm not sure how tolerant this case is to differing sizes.

    If any of you own this case, could you shed some insight as to whether this would be a good case for my Touchpad?


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    wont fit in the tabs at the bottom...

    I tried...

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