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    well let me start out by saying that I know next to nothing about business/economics etc.

    Anyway, I am curious as to the future of the touchpad's accessories. Now that the touchpad has gone under, does that mean that accessories(3rd party) will cease production? Or, since the touchpad now has strong market penetration in the tablet universe, will 3rd party accessory manufactures jump on the opportunity to sell to and produce more accessories for the touchpad? Although it isn't a big concern to me (iPad sleeves work perfect to me), it has been a theory floating around in my head for the last couple days.
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    Expect 3rd party companies to continue selling misc accessories until the hype settles down. Don't expect too much in regards to "new" versions of various accessories. Most manufacturers probably made a limited batches to cope with the demand and will probably play it safe for the next few weeks or months.
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    another bit that I should have included. Do you think chain stores such as best buy will start carrying more in the way of touchpad specific accessories similar to apple products since the touchpad has, in a sense, flooded the market. I am not a huge apple fan, but I have contemplated tossing my android phone for an apple product based on the fact that many retailers cater to what is most popular and has the highest market penetration (in this case, Apple). Do you think, now that the touchpad has made itself known, retailers will start supplying more touchpad specific accessories? I'm sick of seeing 2 walls worth of iphone, iPod, and iPad specific accessories and and 1/4 of a wall for everything else (rim, android, HP, etc. Based devices)
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    No, there won't be many 3rd-party accessories specifically for the Touchpad. HP's fire sale enabled them to sell off their entire stock of Touchpads very quickly, but compared to the amount of iPads already out there, it's still a very, very small number, and of course since they won't be making any more, that number won't be getting any bigger. So it is doubtful that a 3rd-party accessory maker would spend any effort on making accessories specifically for the Touchpad.

    However, tablets are all quite similar, and there are universal tablet accessories or accessories for other tablets that will work well with the Touchpad.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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