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    Is it me, or does your HP Touchpad Case actually clean your finger prints off the glass? Every time I use it, toss it into my bag, and take it out again, finger prints are gone. Obviously it helps that it jostles around in my bag and the inside part of the flap seemingly rubs the prints away but nevertheless it's a nice little perk/bonus, no?

    Now if I can only keep this thing from warping down the road...

    On that note...please few the following link lol

    Never Leave Fresh Prints Behind | Standard Madness
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    the inside is done in a microfiber type material that does indeed clean the screen.

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    More often than not it just leaves lines in the fingerprints on the screen from where the parts of the case fold, I think.
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    I guess I'm not crazy then

    and for those of you who are wary of my link, here's the pic...
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    Ha, I've noticed this over the last few days. Put away dirty, take it out clean!

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