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    What are the available options for a case that has a keyboard in it

    I searched around and it seems that is no official one.. correct?
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    saw the keyboard case for galaxy
    Galaxy Tab

    is there anything thats similar for the touchpad?
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    I just bought one of these in hopes that it will do the job.
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    Here is a previous thread. I got the case, and like it when taking everything with me. Cocoon grid hard side carry case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeLoverX View Post
    What are the available options for a case that has a keyboard in it

    I searched around and it seems that is no official one.. correct?
    UPDATE: 02/18/2012 Well, you can still read my review of the Belkin below but after a week of use we returned it. A number of non-alpha keys don't seem to have any use and others don't seem to work as labeled - I had to use the control key to get upper case - couldn't figure out what use the shift key was.

    I know this is long after the question was asked but I also tried to track down a case that would work. I have two touchpads and one user hates the screen keyboard so it wasn't being used. I picked up a Belkin Keyboard Folio (F5L090tt) designed for an iPad 2. With the case on the entirety ends up relatively thick (1 3/8") and the on/off power button opening is a bit short of where the Touchpad button is - but workable.

    The volume button is accessible if you slide the unit in in the right orientation (launch button to right, camera left, volume button top) but then the speakers are buried in the case - but haven't really noticed an issue there as I don't use this like an audiophile.

    The cutouts on the face of the case leave open the camera and the launch button.

    The outlet for charging by the usb power cord is open, but I will note that my touchpad will still charge in this case while sitting on the touchstone. I just have to have the case opened wide so it sits there with the cover and the keyboard hanging like wings to either side - ungainly but workable.

    Bluetooth pairing was fine and the keyboard works. I haven't had it long enough to try all the special function keys for usability but "command" does cycle you through open cards. Since I got it for "User 2" on the second pad this is probably about the full extent of useful comments you will ever get from me.

    If, like me, you got your Touchpads at firesale prices - this folio/keyboard combo seems expensive at about half the price or full price of your Touchpad - but if no one uses their pad for lack of a keyboard you still lost money at firesale prices. With this keyboard case combo you still beat the competition if it will allow the broader use you want.

    hope this helps.
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    Late to thread.

    Just bought an HP Touchpad Keyboard for $39. Well constructed, good keys, designed specifically for the TP. Works great. It's not in a 'folio' setup, so a little clunky from that perspective. But 99% of what we use the TP for is surfing, browsing, catching up on emails, etc. So we don't have the TP in a bulky keyboard/folio combo. We just use the thin HP TP folio holder (sans keyboard). For the rare occasions when we want to type much, setting up the TP on a table & pairing to the keyboard is easy. Not a very elegant airplane solution, but then ALL wireless keyboards use bluetooth -- folio or not -- so they're all illegal in flight.

    The reviews suggest the HP Touchpad keyboard will pair with other devices (although some of the extra buttons are Touchpad specific). I paired it to my Droid phone last night, and banged out a couple emails. Works.

    Pairing with the Touchpad was a breeze.

    Pairing with the droid required me to type in a key on the droid (0000) and hit ok, then type in the same key (0000) on the TP keyboard and hit enter. I think this is pretty basic "bluetooth for dummies" kind of stuff, but I am in the target "dummies" market.

    Toss both the TP and TP keyboard into a small neoprene laptop sleeve.

    Cheap, but not a folio.

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