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    I was thinking of getting an extra Touchstone and maybe a case since I was concerned that the flap folding back and forth may break.

    I found some of both in a walmart but they are at retail price! UGH!

    At this point in the game it is hard to pay retail but yet I realize oem accessories are getting harder to find.

    Plus, it is 50 miles away. Just about talked myself out of it, but just wondered what you guys thought.

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    isn't Wal-Mart showing guaranteed price matching commercials? I think you can argue a price easily.
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    It varies at the different locations. I tried to price match at one yesterday, even printed their own product page, and they told me that they don't compete with themselves.
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    well, I took a shot at calling the Walmart store and talking to one of the asst. managers. After explaining to them that the Touchpads were no more and thus the accessories could sit there a while unless someone just wanted an extra, she agreed to sell them at the Walmart online price if I printed the page and so I drove the 44 miles, bought a touchstone for $35 and case for $19.

    I probably would not have called the manager if some had not had success and noted it on the forum.

    So thanks for those that posted-guess it can't hurt to try.
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    Print the advertised price from and take that in for a price match. It clears says on the Office Depot site that the pricing is only available in-store so they shouldn't balk at it.
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    19 for the case? Dang just ordered mine from hp for 29 plus shipping... What a rippoff
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    Both Office Max and Staples will price match to
    I was able to get my Touchstone and case at walmart prices. I just showed them the walmart page on my phone and they rang me right up.
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    They claim on the phone none of their stores will have them since HP dropped support.
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    I tried all the Office Depot, Office Max within 25 miles-no TP or accessories.
    Closest Staples is 50 miles away.

    At least a little encourage to those still looking. At least maybe you could call and sweet talk a Walmart manager into doing what Corrine did for me. It is a shame I had to drive 45 miles to get the things.

    Here's good fortune to anyone looking to do the same!
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    Got my Touchstone at Frys for $40, pricematched from Best Buy

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