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    Does the HP TouchPad wireless keyboard work with a Windows 7 computer with bluetooth?

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    Yes, I just posted in another thread here how the keys are automatically mapped to windows keys.
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    It isn't working for me. I got it to recognize on my laptop,and it even says that there is a HP Touchpad Keyboard hooked up, but when the keyboard doesn't type at all for me. Dunno why? I actually bought this for a HTPC remote, but doesn't look promising.
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    I FIXED IT. I went to go verify that I had the latest bluetooth stack available for my Intel combo BT and NIC. I saw that I was using the preinstalled Windows drivers. I just installed the drivers made by Intel, and everything worked out fine. Funny that this is the first bluetooth device that didn't work. But this keyboard is great, and am using it to type this!
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    Hi there,

    Just seen that you guys seemed to have the same problems im currently having - I've got windows 7 and a HP touch keyboard and cant seem to get it to talk to my bluetooth dongle. the PC recognises the keyboard but only lets me get as far as the pairing code part - at this point i cant seem to get any further as i cant type in any codes.. HELP!! I really like the feel of this keyboard and dont want to get rid of it!! Thanks in advance!

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    Does your computer ask for the pairing code or give you one? If the latter, just type the code on the keyboard and hit enter. There will not be any feedback.
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    I get both options - when i try to 'create my own', Nothing appears in the box and when i try to type the one it give me, nothing happens and then it says ' adding this device to this computer failed'..
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    Interesting. Have you tried some default pairing codes? Try 0000.

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    yeah ive tried 000, 1111, 1234 - I read somewhere that apparently installing the drivers downloaded from HP make it work and that the ones that windows installs dont work though after looking, im yet to find any hp download. Im also not too computer savvy so how i'd go about changing these i dont know.. thanks for your help though!!
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    It should work with 0000. The HP Touchpad Wireless Keyboard works fine that way with Ubuntu so it should work that way on Win 7 too.
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    @ Richard Halladay

    These seem like two very relevant and well written entries. Note that the first has software links, but they most likely are specific to a particular series of PC or laptop...

    Understanding Bluetooth Wireless Technology HP G62-340US Notebook PC | HP® Support

    How to install HP Bluetooth driver in Windows 7. - HP Support Forum - 243580

    You might be best served combing support from your PC manufacturer's site for updated Bluetooth Drivers. Windows drivers will be more generic. Your PC manufacturer might have something just for the hardware on board your system.

    Firstly though, have you tried calling up Device Manager and doing a Search for New Hardware during the pairing phase? There may be drivers your system will install if you can get Device Manager to help out...
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