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    Hello all,
    Laalo - Daily Deals, Deal Of The Day
    The official Touchpad friendly case is $19 with $5.00 shipping. Probably stupid of me to get accessories before I actually get my TP, but call me an eternal optimist

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Are you sure this is the OEM case? I couldn't tell from the listing.
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    It's NOT.
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    Actually I think it might be. It says HP in the description. But by the time I receive it, it'll be too late to tell you. But for $25 bucks, it's hard to go wrong. If it isn't, I'll pick up an official one and use this one as backup.
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    Unless they're using a picture of a generic case then there's no way that's the official HP product. That's one of those ugly 3rd party creations.
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    It says leather. The official one isn't leather right? And looking at the image it seem as those the bezel is covered making it hard to swipe up, I don't think this is the official one. Was almost about to purchase.
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    This is not the official case. I have the official one which is Touchstone compatible and after looking closely at the Laalo posting, I concur. This ain't it! The official case does not have a magnetic latch or buckle. The Laalo case does cover the bezel...gestures,no can do.
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    That case looks awful. Good luck easily flipping up apps; it looks like it covers the black portion of the glass.
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    This is the same case selling $12 in Not the HP OEM case.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    <updated title>
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    Sorry if I misled you all. I really thought it was the real deal. I may deeply regret the purchase......especially if I never find an actual TP

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