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    Hello folks.

    Just got a touchpad this morning but it doesn't seem to be charging.

    Charger is fine with other devices except touchpad. When connected, nothing happens on screen. I did briefly see a low battery error the first time I tried and wispy white lines on the home button when I put a nonHP charger on it.

    It has been on the HP charger for about 3 hours and still no sign of life. Held power button for 5s, then 10s, then 15, 20, 30, 60s, it won't turn on.

    Is my touchpad deffective? Could a TouchStone conduction charger solve the issue (perhaps faulty USB slot? It does feel a little wobbly and is recessed more so that I've ever seen on any device). As I check now, there aren't that many places to buy a touch stone. And places that do have them charge more for touchstone than touchpad.

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    I had a charging issue the first day. The USB cable that plugs into the charger was defective. HP will send you out a new cable. The touchstone is pretty slick though. 40 bucks at best buy.
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    Thanks for reply.

    If cable is defective, how come it charges my phones? Or is there subtle defect that prevents it from delivering the necessary power?

    I'd buy from best buy right now at that price. Unfortunately I am UK based. Prices here for in stock touchstone is well over 100USD.
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    It might be the charger itself. For some odd reason, it is in two pieces, and they twist-lock. Give the charger a twist and see if that fixes it.
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    Also make sure the usb is plugged into the TP all the way until it kinda "clicks"
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    You might also call HP. They still offer 90 days free tech support. Wouldn't hurt to see what they say.
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    Can't wait for my Touchstone. You should get one, it's well worth it.

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