I work for Office Depot and we are out of stock on most of the accessories and won't be getting them back in. I was looking for a case and my store sold them all before I could get one. I checked my local Walmart today and their website showed they had it in stock at the store. I printed out the page from our website (Office Supplies: Office Products & Office Furniture at Office Depot) showing the sale price and went to Walmart when I got off work. Of course they were still in stock, they still had it priced at 49.98. I asked them to price match it and gave them the print out from the OD website and they did it. Got my case for $19.

I suggest you do the same if you want any of the accessories. My Walmart also had the Touchstone dock in stock as well.

Here are the OD skus, you can just punch then in the search box on the website. Then print that page to bring to Walmart. Just make sure the part that says "Sold in stores only" is on your print out. Walmart won't match a website.

Touchpad case - sku# 277890
Touchpad power charger - sku# 278043
Touchstone charging dock - sku# 277989
Touchpad bluetooth keyboard - sku# 278034