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    I'm looking for a durable screen protector that wont peel off after a week. Also, do matte screen protectors work well in terms of the screen still being sensitive? I want something that might add a little bit of friction when scrolling. Thanks.
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    The best screen protector is yourself.

    Really, I don't think you need one. TouchPad uses Gorilla Glass, same stuff as my Pre 2, and my Pre 2 is naked and doesn't have a single scratch.

    If you truly must have one, it really doesn't matter much which one you pick. I'd go to staples or office depot and get the cheapest one that fits, and put it on.

    Beware of dust getting caught underneath though. Dust and grit. You can scratch your screen more by trying to protect it than just by using it without.
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    alright I was looking at one earlier that was over 20 bucks I guess i'll just go with a cheap one just in case
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    I snagged one at 12 bucks. Pretty good deal if you ask me.
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    amazon has cheapies.
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    Look for "Spare Parts" or "Generiks" brand on Amazon. Cheapest available at the moment, I think. is where I usually get them but they are backordered, probably due to high demand.
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