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    Allright, so my touchpad case and keyboard is finally here, and I have some thoughts...

    First up - the case:

    It's nice, fits the touchpad well and doesn't cover the bezel so you can still perform the up-swipe and hear the speakers... It feels good in the hands, not slick and not cheap. The multi-function cover/stand works well, and I don't really forsee any issues there. Standing it up in portrait mode seems a little dodgy though. Doesn't really seem like it'd be a good idea.

    On the plus side, landscape mode works brilliantly with the case, and it's perfect for lap use, a table, and you can fold the cover back to hold it like a book when e-reading. Typing onscreen in the slight-incline position works beautifully. It is nice and now that I have it I can't really imagine using the touchpad without it. Well worth the 20$ I spent on it.

    If I had one complaint, it would be the complete lack of any way to keep it closed. There's no clasp, no magnetic hold, no snap, no band, nothing. It's just flopping around with nothing to keep it tight against the face of the touchpad. It's not such a big deal if you're carrying it, but when I toss it in my bag it isn't as tightly "covered" as I'd like.

    Moving on to the keyboard:

    I really like the feel of the keyboard, the keys feel "real" and there's nice tactile feedback as I type. I'm able to type at full speed (+100 wpm) with no issues. Google docs is now a breeze, as the keyboard can scroll through a document with the arrow keys and I can quickly belt out word documents etc with the board as a result - Nice!

    The lack of alt or escape don't really bother me, as this was specifically purchased to use with the touchpad and I don't have any need for a bluetooth keyboard for anything else.

    A few annoyances though. Arrow keys don't scroll in the browser on REGULAR websites - this is a silly oversight and I'm really hoping a patch will come along to fix this. I don't mind reaching out and swiping at the screen, but having my arrow keys do the scrolling would really improve my user experience. Same goes for card view. I can press the card button on the keyboard and pull up all my cards, but for some strange reason, the keyboard won't let me switch between them. Annoying . Same goes for text input. Tab does a poor job of changing text input boxes etc, so you're constantly reaching out to tap the screen. Just a few of the many minor little annoyances I'm noticing when trying to use the keyboard.

    I feel like a few patches would make this whole keyboard experience awesome, and I hope that I see some of these patches as time goes on .

    For me, the keyboard is a no brainer since I'll be using this touchpad for some heavy note-taking over the next few months. For an average user though, I'd actually say it's probably not worth grabbing. The onscreen keyboard is sufficient for normal use -especially- with the HP cover, and the bluetooth keyboard doesn't really deliver on it's promise of improved usability - except for when you're doing heavier amounts of writing.

    Hell, as nice as this onscreen keyboard is with the low-tilt cover stand position, I might just leave the bluetooth keyboard home unless I know I'm going to need to do some serious writing...

    YMMV, of course.
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    Agree with your assessment of the case. Even at $50, he case is a good investment in protection for the now very rare TouchPad. The rubber-ish material is thick enough to provide some serious protection, yet doesn't provide much extra bulk.

    But wow, I'm desperate to sling a rubber band around it or something.
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    I agree with the sentiments on the case I really wish it had a closure of some sort. All they really need is a velcro strap or something. When I get a chance I'm going to try and add my own somehow.
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    all you guys need is alittle creativity

    u could buy some velcro and any kind of fabric, leather , velvet, foam, watever u can dream up and create a simple easy strap for it. Alot of velcro is sold with a sticky side and literally with a few simple stitches u could very quickly get this project done.

    second option is u could clip a small hole near where u want a clasp and just buy one but it thru, then on the underside glue,tape,sew a rubber band, extend over clasp. bam.

    let me think wat else.... oh u could do a button and a simple loop, find a craft store and get a really neat button, or maybe a second hand shop for an antique button or soemthing and a loop out of ur favorite, fabric, leather, plastic, yadda yadda.

    u get the idea

    just takes alittle thinking and DIY craftiness.
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    Perhaps a small C-clamp? ;-) You could get all Steampunk with it...
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    Have you guys -seen- the touchpad case?

    It's a rubbery thing, plastic inserts covered in rubber. No real good place to attach a strap or band etc without looking -really- wonky and cheap...

    I'll have to think about it some more - if anyone comes up with a solution take some pictures and let me know .
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    I have the HP case. If the hinge area of the cover were made a little thicker, it would made the spine stiffer so the cover wouldn't slide from side to side as much.

    To help keep the cover closed, how about small piece (or two) of thin magnetic tape on the inside edge of the cover?
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    I also have the Keyboard. And yes it is very annoying that the arrow keys doesn't help with switching cards. It is also very annoying that the arrow keys doesn't scroll though the browser. But that's the same issue with the iPad keyboard.

    What's most annoying is that no combination keys work. "Control+C", "Control+V" does not work for copy and paste. In fact, the control button feel like dummies as the do absolutely nothing. This over sight is completely a surprise to me as my Palm Pre- does it, the iPad does it, but the Touchpad doesn't. HP customer service said they forwarded my complaint on the hot keys to the engineering department. Hope they will add this in a future update.

    As for the case, I just use a neoprene bag that was designed for the iPad1. It's nice how the Touchpad mirrors the size of the iPad, allowing us to choose from the large selection of iPad cases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gergev View Post
    I have the HP case. If the hinge area of the cover were made a little thicker, it would made the spine stiffer so the cover wouldn't slide from side to side as much.

    To help keep the cover closed, how about small piece (or two) of thin magnetic tape on the inside edge of the cover?
    I read in another post that the "Sliding" of the cover can be used to clean the screen of finger prints. I normally have the cloth with me, but left it at home on a recent trip. I used that suggestion to clean the screen on the plane ride.

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