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    I was wondering if anyone with the official keyboard has used their arrow keys within a Flash game or app? In games that use WSAD or any other mapping I am fine. (I have the Logitech Android Keyboard).

    The Arrow keys work in Full applications (Quick Office or the browser, or type writer and Memo's) just not in Flash content. Is this a WebOS thing or my keyboard? If so what about the Apple keyboard or Logitech IPad keyboard?

    Thanks for the read--
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    Same problem here (using official keyboard). Also, when putting the playing flash games in Full Screen, none of the keyboard buttons work. Looking for a fix or patch. Please respond.
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    Bumping this up. 100% needs a patch.
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    I still use TP - mostly to play some flash games with my kid. I use Nintendo bt keyboard.
    I know it's an old thread but does any one know if problem was solved? Thank you.
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    It seems I'm in a replying kind of mood, but I have no proper answer for you.

    Some observations:
    • This thread dates from 2011 - I think around the time that HP first pulled the plug on webOS.
    • There are only 2 other posters and 'Link2999' posted twice on the same day.
    • No reply to the query in 5 years...
    • I rarely see people discussing their bt keyboards & suspect the ratio of TPs to KBs is...high? (Many TPs, few Keyboards)
    • According to the 1st post, the arrow keys work, but not on flash content.
    • You don't have the official KB, but I expect the protocols are the same, so it probably doesn't matter.

    You could keep searching this forum (& preware) for a patch, but the behaviour suggests that the problem is in Flash - which I think is proprietary to Adobe. That shouldn't prevent a patch - If the code is readable, but if not then...

    So it's a total guess, but I think you're looking for something difficult to impossible to produce. There's no sign here that it happened. Of course, if a game uses arrow keys, it should be able to receive those signals, so perhaps those keys on a bt KB are non-standard and perhaps a patch to convert those signals to the 'correct' signals before the Flash is possible I don't know, but again - no sign of it here in 5 years.

    As I say, it's total guess from a non-expert - maybe someone else will have a more positive view.

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