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    Picked one up today. They rang it up at $80, but a manager overrode it to match the Web price.
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    I was in yesterday at my local, where they refused to match their web site price. I pulled up Best Buy on my phone, which they would match. I had to go to customer service, where the woman working wasn't authorized to override such a 'large' amount. The manager needed to be called, I showed her the price at Best Buy on my phone, and she told me they needed to call Best Buy to ensure it was in stock. I had had it at that point, and told them if that was the case I'd just go and purchase at Best Buy (10 minutes down the road) which is what I did. a hassle, no doubt, but I have one now, and I really, really dig the technology. At the end, I had 5 touchstones for me Pre!

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